Parco dell’Appia Antica and  Zappata Romana are pleased to invite you on Saturday 4th November to a special autumn open-air event for kids and family at the Hortus Urbis, the ancient Roman vegetable garden in the Appia Antica Park.

At 15.30 pm – PRINCESS CHINCILLA’ and the birthday cake, performance

by Alessandro Portelli

  • animated narration with Butai and silhouettes
  • an idea of Sabina de Tommasi
  • directed by Elisabetta Gustini
  • with Chiara Lombardo
  • illustrations Paola Franco
  • costumes Barbara Della Polla
  • photography/graphics Eugenio Spagnol

A fairy tale from Portelli’s latest book “The Chinchilla Princess and other family fairy tales” (Donzelli publisher) with a collection of invented stories for his children and grandchildren, which a group of intrepid companions decided to stage using together the techniques of puppetry, of reading aloud, and revisiting the ancient Japanese art of Kamishibai, a form of paper narration characterized by a narrator who moved from one village to another with his little theatre/Butai. a fun little show, truly for both adults and children, from 3 to 99!

• For all ages

• Duration: approximately 40 minutes


To sign up to the performace is mandatory to send an email to, by 12.00 am Friday November 3rd. In the email, please indicate name of the child and the adults that will accompany with a telephone number. Your reservation is valid after you’ve received an email. For the show we kindly recommend a voluntary donation.

Picnic area on site

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Twitter: @zappataromana – #HortusUrbis

Instagram: @zappataromana


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Hortus Urbis at the former paper mill “Cartiera Latina”, via Appia Antica, 42 /50 (near the fountain)

Bike: Cristoforo Colombo bike route and Circonvallazione Ardeatina.

Bus: 118 or 218 on the Appia Antica (Domine Quo Vadis stop); 30express, 714 and 715 on the via Cristoforo Colombo (Cristoforo Colombo/Bavastro stop or Cristoforo Colombo/Circonvallazione Ostiense stop) and then short walk along the Circonvallazione Ardeatina in the Scott Park.

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