Ready to get your hands dirty?

Whether you want to learn more about plants and gardening or just want to get your hands into the soil, Hortus Urbis offers you the opportunity.  On Volunteer Orientation days at the Hortus Urbis you can stay and start working right away or come back another time. Please bring a water bottle and dress for the weather. If you wish to know more contact us by email.


Courses and workshops 

  • How to start a shared garden
  • Gardening and horticulture: from theory to practice
  • Workshop on How to make an irrigation plant
  • Workshop watercolor in the garden
  • Workshop on basket making
  • Workshop on Pruning, techniques and methods for trees and shrubs
  • Workshop on Bulbs, rhizomes, tubers
  • Workshop on Le piante aromatiche e officinali
  • Workshop on Roses
  • Workshop on Compost
  • Workshop on Bricolage
  • Workshop on Vertical Green
  • Workshop on Flower Decorations
  • Workshop on Wild flowers

Please email:

Thank you, to the numerous Hortus Urbis volunteers who help accomplish our work. We couldn’t do it without your support!