Learn how to make your own basket in just a one day lesson, it isn’t impossible!

Hortus Urbis, in the Appia Antica Park, offers the opportunity to follow a seminar from theory to practice about the many different plant species than can be used.

Finally you will be proud to take home your handmade basket to show off at home!

The lessons are held by Giovanni Salerno botanist, florist, friend of the Hortus Urbis, expert in ethnographic botany.

  • Address:  Hortus Urbis, via Appia Antica 42/50, Rome
  • Fee: suggested donation of 30.00 € per person + € 5.00 Carta Amici del Parco dell’Appia Antica
  • Duration: from 9,30 am to 5,00 pm. February 18th 2017
  • Sign up: hortus.zappataromana@gmail.com (reservation until 12am of Friday Feb 17th)

Additional information:

  • Bring warm working clothes, a bucket and a picnic lunch
  • All the weaving materials and tools (cutting knives and scissors) will be provided to every participant
  • Manual ability advisable

The lesson is outdoor, in case of rain the activities will be post-poned

FOR INFORMATION OR TO SIGN UP: hortus.zappataromana@gmail.comwww.hortusurbis.it


Email: hortus.zappataromana@gmail.com

Web:  http://www.hortusurbis.it

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HortusUrbis

Istagram:  https://www.instagram.com/hortusurbis/

Twitter: @zappataromana#HortusUrbis


Hortus Urbis at the former paper mill “ Cartiera Latina”, via Appia Antica, 42 /50 (near the fountain)

Bike: Cristoforo Colombo bike route and Circonvallazione Ardeatina.

Bus: 118 and 218 on the Appia Antica (Domine Quo Vadis stop) or 30express, 714 and 715 (Cristoforo Colombo/Bavastro stop or Cristoforo Colombo/Circonvallazione Ostiense stop) and then short walk along the Circonvallazione Ardeatina in the Scott Park.

Car: parking at via Carlo Conti Rossini, Largo Gavaligi, via Omboni, via Scott and surroundings and then  short walk along the Circonvallazione Ardeatina in the Scott Park.

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