We are pleased to invite you Saturday May 21st to the outdoor Spring activities for children at Hortus Urbis, the garden with solely ancient Roman plants in the Appia Antica Park.

At 11 am – “Terrarium”| Little gardeners, a cura di Hortus Urbis

We will discover how to “make” the soil and “what to do” with the soil. We will get our hands dirty and we will make a terrarium. then everyone will bring home it all with a plant to take care of.

  • Ages 4 years onwards
  • Length: about 50 minutes


To sign up it is mandatory to send an email tohortus.zappataromana@gmail.com, by 12.00 am Friday May 20sr. In the email please indicate Name of the child and the adults that will accompany with a telephone number. Indicate the time and the title of the workshop. Your reservation is valid after you’ve received an email with the payment instructions.

The cost of the workshop is 10 euro per child.

In case of rain the activities will be cancelled


Email: hortus.zappataromana@gmail.com


Web: www.hortusurbis.it

Facebook: Hortus Urbis

Twitter: @zappataromana – #HortusUrbis

Instagram: @zappataromana


Become a Donor

Become a volunteer

Invite a School

Swap the suit for a shovel

Send us your idea for Hortus Urbis


Hortus Urbis at the former paper mill “ Cartiera Latina”, via Appia Antica, 42 /50 (near the fountain)

Bike: Cristoforo Colombo bike route and Circonvallazione Ardeatina.

Bus: 118 or 218 on the Appia Antica (Domine Quo Vadis stop); 30express, 714 and 715 on the via Cristoforo Colombo (Cristoforo Colombo/Bavastro stop or Cristoforo Colombo/Circonvallazione Ostiense stop) and then short walk along the Circonvallazione Ardeatina in the Scott Park.

Car: parking at via Carlo Conti Rossini, Largo Gavaligi, via Omboni, via Scott and surroundings and then short walk along the Circonvallazione Ardeatina in the Scott Park.

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