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“ORTO CHEF”, Cooking lessons in a garden by “Eu’s, IL BUONO FATTO BENE

2 appointments: NOVEMBER 23rd and NOVEMBER 30th

A unique opportunity to go back to the tradition of cooking together, with family members or with others, enthusiasts and beginners and combine two magic elements: the garden’s autumn colors, flavors and perfumes with the satisfaction of handmade foods rediscovering old traditions.

Two Cooking Lessons immersed in nature and in the vegetable garden’s plants.

November 23rd – Pasta, water and flour:

  • “Pici”
  • “Cavatelli”
  • “Pizzoccheri”
  • Dough and shaping

November 30th – Egg noodles:

  • Pasta with filling (“ravioli” and “plin”)
  • “Tagliatelle”
  • Flavored/coloured pasta (“maltagliati” with sage, “paglia e fieno”)
  • Dough and shaping

Every lesson, 2 hours long, will take place on Saturday morning from 10 am to 12 am at the Hortus Urbis in the Appia Antica Park (Via dell’Appia Antica 42/50, Roma).

The price for one lesson is 20 euro per person (5 euro for children who accompany an adult).

Advice for materials, clothing and other information and reservations contac 392.57.56.629 - info@eusilbuonofattobene.it

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